Logan's writings.

I have books and books of Logan's writings that I feel should be shared. This journal is the easiest place to do that. Bit by bit I will go through and reproduce some of his writings here for all to see. If you reproduce any yourself, please credit him and his brilliance, his fire, his love. And please feel free to leave comments if you want. I won't be changing his words in any way, I will reproduce them exactly as he left them, some unfinished, some old, some new. He used to say that one day he would write a book that would change the world. I'd like to think maybe that's still possible!

Logan David Brooks
01/30/81 - 02/23/05
My love - My life.

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(found this in a box....)

twice thrown upon this cosmic stone
an ageless wonder why we continue existence
torn between the distant future we cry
to shattered bones and empty skies
decaying world we are the cause
hatred and pain control us all

break the chains but the circle will burn forever
heed the call but the message is always lost
still we whisper for the age of aquarius
hoping our ears are deaf, ignorance is more than bliss

weep to the fallen, the impact they had
still fresh in the centuries, all remember
none carry the hope, the flag, the power to change
just continue to pray the empty skies
hold the answer, shit on the earth
and wait for entrance to heaven
when this could be heaven

open your eyes, it's all lies
everything means nothing
unless you believe, we can stand and fight

written by lahermite

on tuesday february 21st 2006, some of us will gather on the beach where logan and i married and where we scattered his ashes.

i will be taking a book that i want people to write a logan-story in, a personal memory, that will be given to the children when they are older.

if you can't make the gathering, and have a logan story to share, please reply to this or email me: tracy at stpetefnb dot org.

i'd like to gather as many logan stories as i can, no matter how silly they may be!

if you can make the gathering and need more info, please email me or reply to this.

thank you.

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These three were found in his work truck by his boss and two colleagues when they cleared it out before taking it away. The last one was read at his funeral by his boss.

In the present
families laid to waste
on their ancestors land
they've become tenents
lives of sheer disparity
how could you claim purity
of thought? of character?
of relations? of superiority?

Fuck you and your flag
your social ineptitude
and your selfish existence
I want freedom
you keep the chains on me.


What if you saw debris fly?
What if you burned in the napalm?
What if you ate dirty rice all of the time?
What if your house lay in the direct path of a bomb?
What if your lungs were black from the mine?
What if your kids were targeted as future terrorists?

What if men in uniforms watched you always?
What if you were consigned to poverty?
Your property taken by force
your arched and aching back bent in pain
your dying eyes can't see what we need
we need to be free
we all need to be free

What about your dirty water?
What about your violent children?
What about...(unfinished)


(his boss read this at his funeral)

We can stand on our own two feet
we don't need coercion from above
we don't need police to patrol our streets
we don't need your hate, we want love
over the skies of past victories
we shall one day prevail

You won't kill our vision
though you can kill our bodies
(A)narchy lives forever and ever
our black flag raised on high
So spit on the boss and raise your fist
(A)narchy lives forever and ever

Facists come, but they will always go
the people's welfare not their priority
lies, deceit, and greed holds them to
their lowly creedo of asserting
power over the broken populace
this won't last forever
one fine day we'll raise
the black flag above the people

(no subject)

There is a candle in the corner
and a fissure in the wind
an old mother is crying
her stricken son is dying

in the midst of a surrealists portrait
we are thrown to crippled hands
dropped down deep in utopia
with a catatonic flair

transfixed in a position bourne noterity
we find the slave master is really slave
strings are pulled to the top
shit rolls down hill and we choke

and the wind sings its mournful symphony
of lovers on the meadow cold and dead
they stood on the fringes for so long
now only long wisps of breath remain

(no subject)

So now I'm vanquishing the clandestine demons
that stubbornly refused to let go of me
I let go of them

In the process destroying the antithesis
make way for progress, recover from paralysis

Once set upon this shimmering idea
husband your strength
let go of my ignorance and fear
no time to be weak
drop my crutches, my excuses, and self-loathing
forge a free path far away from mental shackles
let my mind and spirit soar!

I breath the power I crave
with the knowledge I save
I'll break free of my grave
my will is now set to overcome
the negativity, the violence, the death
I'll not lay down in misery

(no subject)

feel now the rush is on
I beckon the call, I break through stone walls
seeking the power I want to taste
knowedge is life and purity therein a time
aeons pass through gilded arms
and I am left with words
strange how we talk so many words, meaningless
and at times we sparkle speak of importance
and it all falls on dreaming ears
misunderstanding saves from raining tears
Show the face, the form, the place
the mediocrity, the illusion, the mockery
give them a taste, a song, good grace
let them sing, rejoice, let them live
spread wings and rise like the sun
above the wind in the airs embrace
burst into light, brilliance out of place
fall away from your earthly plane
exhulted beauty you will know only
living forever as absolute sovreignity

(no subject)

This is sweet water, and I wish to taste
fill my world with vibrance overcome disdain
spring rush forth my lifes winter shackle
and bring a new day far from bitter decay

I was lost, so lost
led astray on a path of grey
the rising sun now tastes sweet

(no subject)

Could I leave the plains I've plowed

To see this night in the blade grass
exhuming from the ashes a forgotten past
as locusts swarm in frenzied desire
I feel the warmth the soothing warmth
I drown my sorrows
I drink away my tears
alleviate my fears
this star has changed
transformed to fight the brooding skies
in the coming of the moon
the light was reflected in her eyes
and I stayed the same
so far removed from the world of plastic
so far so, so good, so what

(no subject)

I've seen the distant twilight
seen the calling of the fall
heard the violence in the screaming
and I wonder what am I doing here

as I recall the bleeding
in the time I said goodbye
could I relive that feeling
through the egris when she flies
I could never fly

gazing in fallen light I remember
sometimes I die, and everytime
I saw no light, no safe place
serenity is death they said
serenity is false!